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In my time at OSU, and especially coming up to last weekend, all I wished for was to experience a Cowboy win at the annual Bedlam game, preferably in Stillwater. Even before Bedlam, this football season was OSU’s best ever. We had a better record and were ranked higher than OU. But my fellow Oklahomans now that doesn’t mean a thing. OSU tends to have a habit of not playing well when it counts (I’m sure you’ve heard the term “poke choke”), and OU has a habit of coming out strong when it needs to. This year, however, it was completely reversed.

We beat the Sooners 44-10. Yep, you read that right. The Oklahoma State Cowboys beat the beloved Oklahoma Sooners by 34 lovely points, naming us Big XII champions, our first conference title since 1948. So obviously, we had to rush the field. I’m so proud to say that I was on Lewis Field that night. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to help tear down the goal post, but I think that would have ended badly for me considering I’m not the biggest or strongest student out there.

As many other OSU fans, I still think we got jipped from the national championship game. Obviously, I have some bias, and I’m no football expert by any means, but even I, a 21-year-old college student who barely knows the football basics, know not many people want to watch another game/punting contest between LSU and Alabama. Not to mention, if we were Texas or OU or a team of that nature with the exact same season, we’d probably be in. Regardless, I’m pumped for the Fiesta Bowl and can’t wait to watch my Cowboys kick Stanford’s butt! (The girl in me wonders why Stanford’s mascot is singular…the Stanford Cardinal. Huh?)



One thought on “WE DID IT.

  1. I’ve been to college football games all over the country…but never in Stillwater. That game looked like a lot of fun and rushing the field must have been a thrill! Good luck in the Fiesta Bowl (and to answer your question, Stanford’s mascot is singular because it’s a reference to the color…not the bird. That probably answers your original question, but will likely lead to more, ha.

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