Pinterest is making me a better cook! No, really.

I’m 21 years old. I’m in college. Therefore, my cooking skills aren’t quite up to par with my wonderful mother’s. I love good food, so I figure I need to learn to cook more than just macaroni and cheese and Lean Cuisines, am I right? I bought some cookbooks before I moved into my house last semester that did us well, but at the same time only found a few recipes that we really, really liked. Then… I discovered Pinterest.

I’m sure girls around my age have heard about (and possible become addicted to) Pinterest. It’s yet another social media platform that seems to be the new thing for young women. It reminds me a lot of Tumblr, which I’m not very familiar with, but from what I’ve seen, they both involve reposting images of things you like. In Pinterest’s case, you pin your interests. Get it? I actually found my New Year’s dress on Pinterest, as well as tons of recipes I can’t wait to try (the whole college kid thing doesn’t provide me with a huge variety of groceries). One of my favorite blogs I’ve come across is My Life as a Mrs. My roommates and I have made her Jalapeno Kettle Chip-crusted chicken about three times in the past month. It’s delicious and oh-so-easy. Another of my roommates has made her Ritz cracker chicken, which she also raved about.

So for the fellow college kids out there like me trying to improve your cooking skills, I speak for my roommates and myself when I say Pinterest has helped us out so much. And if you’re not trying to improve those cooking skills…I say you start soon. You’re going to need them eventually. We can’t live on fast food and Ramen noodles forever. 😉


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