The end always sneaks up on me…

I can’t believe it’s the end of another semester (I say this every semester, I know). I’ve done a lot this semester: I took two vacations to Colorado and Florida and (cheesy but true) learned so much in most of my classes! I have to say my favorite was my Advanced PR Media class. I think I really improved my writing and deadline skills and finally got some design skills that I’ve been dying to learn for the past couple of years! I’ve got a few more finals left to take, one tonight and two tomorrow, then I’M DONE! A couple of my good friends are graduating on Saturday (very bittersweet moment…who will I hang out with next year!?) and I’m hoping I don’t bawl like a baby when I see them in their gowns. My sister is also coming up this weekend for her birthday so it’s going to be a great, fun last weekend in Stillwater for me!

The end of another school year also means a very exciting time: NBA playoffs! Two very random events in this post, but oh well. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, so of course I’m an avid supporter of the Thunder and have been since the first season! I’m so lucky that my parents share season tickets with a couple of other families so we get a lot of chances to go see the games in person and I actually went to the game on Monday night and saw my boys beat the Mavericks! Hopefully we’ve knocked their confidence down a bit and can beat them in Dallas too!

I’ll leave you with a picture of my sister and me at the game on Monday. Hopefully the first of many playoff games we’ll be seeing this year. 🙂 THUNDER UP!



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