Stop being polite…


I’ve gotten better about my trashy reality TV over the years (I no longer watch Jersey Shore and/or Snooki and JWOWW…it’s an improvement!), but I am a big Real World fan, as well as The Challenge, and I watch every season. I thought I’d incorporate that into my blog and post weekly reviews. Because last night was the season premiere, I’ll just get into the cast members and what I think of all of them. It’s only the first week so it’s hard to tell much, but these are just my first impressions!



My first thought on this girl was, “Way too much makeup.” WAY. TOO MUCH. She seems very fake and dramatic to me, but I might just be judging a book by its cover. Maybe she’ll surprise me though. I thought she was very overdramatic about the boys ranking the girls. Honestly, was she surprised? They’re boys! Also, it’s not like she’s an unattractive girl. Most of the guys seemed to find her attractive and she seems confident enough in herself so I don’t know what her problem is. I also found it awkward when the girls got involved in the boys kicking the girls out, but that was an asshole move on their part.




Avery is probably my favorite cast member thus far. Of course, it’s only the first episode, but I really like her a lot. She seems smart, independent and real, and I like that. It surprised me that I liked the Hooters girl the best! haha My only problem with her was at the club, she wore a halter dress with a regular bra. I’m a total girl when it comes to that and it bugs the crap out of me when girls’ bra straps show. They make strapless bras for a reason, girl! Overall though, I really, really like Avery. She seems like a really sweet girl with a good head on her shoulders! Those types rarely make it on reality TV. haha




I feel like we didn’t see a lot of Jessica this episode (personality-wise…we saw plenty of her backside in that thong bikini haha), but she seems fine to me so far. She’s absolutely gorgeous and her southern accent makes her even cuter. Again, didn’t see much of her so I don’t have a lot to say, but she seems nice enough. I will say it was interesting how conservative/shocked she seemed by the burlesque dancers but had no problem showing off her bare butt in a thong bikini to six people she’d just met. Maybe she’s not as sweet and innocent as she seems!




I also didn’t get much of a vibe from Johnny. It didn’t take long for him and Avery to start making out at the club (haha), but he seems like a nice guy. I feel like that northeastern accent has a bad connotation and makes me immediately think “douche bag,” but I definitely don’t want to judge him just by that! He seems like a nice enough guy.





My first impression of Joi was that she was insanely tall and beautiful. And I still feel that way. She seems like she has a strong personality and I like that so far. She was much less dramatic than Anastasia about the whole bringing-girls-home situation, while at the same time standing up for the girls. I liked her approach much better. haha I think I’ll like her this season.





Now for the beginning of the season, I hate to admit I’ll probably be a bit biased. Jordan is from my home state of Oklahoma so I’m pumped he’s on the show! He’s from Mustang, which is about 20 minutes away from where I am in Oklahoma City. I’ve heard him do a couple radio interviews with the local pop station here, and he seems like a cool enough guy. Unfortunately, based on this first episode and the trailers of what’s to come, I can see him getting on my nerves. He seems too aggressive at times and even though I don’t like Anastasia at all, the way he reacted to her having a boyfriend when he obviously had a crush on her was immature and childish in my opinion. In his radio interviews, he said he often has conflicts with Anastasia and Joi if I’m remembering correctly, and I have a feeling the conflicts with Anastasia have some bitterness behind them. I really want to like him and I really want him to represent Oklahoma well, but I think he’s going to come off like an asshole a lot of the time, unfortunately. At this point, I’m just glad he’s doesn’t live in a teepee, ride a horse to school or have an extremely closed mind like a lot of people think Oklahomans do. I can confidently tell you I’ve never seen a teepee, I’ve only ridden a horse in Colorado (ironically) and we’re not all 100 percent conservative and close-minded. haha I’ll step off my soapbox for the sane Oklahomans now. Moving on…



Last but not least is Marlon. He also seems a like a cool guy for the moment, but as we know, that all can change. haha I find him running around the house showing girls his penis a bit weird, but maybe that’s just not something I’m used to. haha I read in some comments on that he apparently has some huge secret that’s going to come out this season so that should be interesting. I don’t have much to say about him so far. I don’t love him or hate him. He seems fine. That’s all.




I do still have some lingering questions though:

1. Where’s Nia and when/why does she come in? Usually, when a roommate is sent home and replaced, they don’t ruin it in trailers, but as we’ve seen, Nia is too crazy to hide. haha Like I mentioned, I assume someone gets sent home or chooses to leave. My boyfriend and my first guess was Anastasia. She seems to hate Jordan and Marlon so far (mostly Jordan) and I could see her getting fed up/overdramatic and deciding to leave Angelina-style. However, I’d read some stuff (also on that Joi is the one to leave, which I find interesting. I wonder if it’s her choice or what happens. Hmmm. Guess we’ll find out.

2. I’m wondering if anyone has bisexual tendencies that we don’t know about yet. It seems like every season, there’s a gay roommate and if there’s not, one comes out as bisexual or with an interesting past. We’ll see if any of these roommates have interesting situations like we’ve seen in the past.

Overall, I’m excited for the season! What are everyone’s thoughts on the roommates so far?


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