Happy birthday to my sis…almost.

I bought my sister’s birthday present yesterday (it’s not until May, but I had to get these in time!) and I could not be more excited for our celebration in September. haha Ironically, we just saw Maroon 5 in Tulsa a couple weeks ago, and I just bought tickets to see them again in September with Kelly Clarkson on the Honda Civic Tour.

Honda Civic Tour Tickets

This is basically our middle/high school dream come true. Back when Kelly Clarkson was on American Idol, my sister and I were OBSESSED. And I mean obsessed. We still reminisce about how we covered our closet doors in pictures of Kelly. We saw her with Clay Aiken (embarrassing) in Dallas and made “Kelly’s #1 fan shirts” (obviously, we were BOTH her #1 fans…). She said we should definitely wear them again to this concert. haha

All jokes aside, I love Maroon 5, I love Kelly Clarkson, and I’m excited to make the trip to Dallas in September! It’ll be a great time. Both are great singers, songwriters, artists, musicians, etc. I have lots of respect for them both and can’t wait to see them put on a great show! (I wouldn’t mind a surprise duet…)

On another note: Real World Portland is on tonight! I’ll be sure to post my recap in the next few days. I hear this week, Marlon reveals his huge, super-shocking secret. I can’t wait!


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