Real World Portland: Hot Air Jordan

Based on the title of this week’s episode of The Real World, I could guess there was going to be some drama with Jordan. The major points of this episode was the Jordan drama and Marlon’s big secret (which was the most obvious secret we could have guessed for reality TV…no offense to Marlon or anything).

Jordan’s big fight was with Jessica regarding how much is enough to raise a family on. Jessica claimed her mom didn’t work and her dad made $50,000 per year, which bought their family a nice, two-story house and put her and her brothers and sisters through college. Although Jordan was very aggressive and could have come off pretty rude to some, I’m on his side with this point for the most part. I wouldn’t consider $50K low-class, but I do think he’s absolutely right when he says she didn’t really know how much her dad made. Either that, or the family was getting money other ways, whether it be from government assistance or whatever else. These two also had a stupid argument over whether hookah or cigarettes are worse for you, which in my opinion went on way too long. haha They are both obviously stubborn (especially Jordan), and that fight was a ridiculous one.

I’m curious to know others’ opinions on Jordan, because he’s obviously the big instigator in the house. I feel like I’m a bit biased because I want to like the cast member from my own state (haha), but what do you guys think? Has he crossed the line? In my opinion, he’s very opinionated and blunt and that can come off very douchey at times. He seems like someone who can get annoying quick, but at the same time, I think he seems like a smart guy and the points he’s arguing aren’t stupid or wrong.

Next up, Marlon’s big secret. I’d heard Marlon had a big secret, and when there were no gay roommates right away, I figured his secret had something to do with him being gay or bisexual. Ding ding ding! I was right. It wasn’t exactly what I thought; Marlon revealed that after college, he had sex with a guy, but he insists he’s not gay. It’s definitely a double standard, but guys experimenting with guys are viewed as much more likely to be homosexual than girls experimenting with girls. Like the girls in the house, I do find it strange that Marlon has never been in a serious relationship with a woman. I assume he’s slept with women because of how the girls say he’s acted out in the bars, but I guess we don’t really know yet. When the girls were in the confessional rattling off questions (Was he black or white? How old was he? How did they meet? Were they dating? How’d it happen?), I was dying! So much curiosity and questions that they felt couldn’t be asked outright. Hilarious.

On another note, Johnny and Avery finally/already had sex, depending how you look at it. haha I love how she was telling her grandma she wasn’t going to sleep with him right away, then managed to sleep with him what I assume was within the next few nights (who knows with editing though?). Avery seems pretty worried that Johnny is going to “hit it and quit it,” but he seems very genuine to me and seems to like her. And he’s doing it right, getting in good with Daisy! haha The fact that Avery said “I’m not going to fall in love in three months” on the first episode makes me think these two get more serious than they (and we) think they might.

What did everyone think of this week’s episode? Do you think Jordan is too harsh or just honest? Were you shocked by Marlon’s secret? Do you think Johnny is genuinely interested in Avery?


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