Real World Portland: Hot and Bothered

Oops, I’m a little late on this week’s Real World recap! I had a busy weekend with work and weddings (post about those things coming soon!), so my memory might be a little rusty on this week’s episode, but we’ll get through it. 😉

The episode opened with the roommates out and Jordan being…well, Jordan. Drunk, obnoxious, annoying and getting on everyone’s nerves. I still don’t hate him as much as the roommates seem to (haha), but this week was a prime example of him being obnoxious and annoying (which I’ve heard from high school classmates is just part of his personality). The roommates seem to be on their last nerve with him already, especially the girls. I’m sure the conflicts will just get bigger and more dramatic as the season continues.

Next, the roommates starting job hunting. It seems like every season is different when it comes to employing the cast, and this season, they were given three interviews and it seemed like they got to choose wherever they wanted to work. The choices were what looked to be a bar with a very stranger owner, a frozen yogurt stand and a pizza place. Needless to say, the first option was chosen by…no one. Wah wahhhh (I hope someone understood that sound effect). Anastasia and Jessica ended up choosing the frozen yogurt stand, while Avery, Johnny, Jordan and Marlon chose different areas of the pizza place, which looked like a fun place to work. But wait…that’s only six employed roommates, right? Which brings me to…

Joi. Oh, Joi. How I don’t understand you. For those who might have missed it, Joi was not interested in any of these jobs because she didn’t go to four years of college to work at a frozen yogurt stand. She was making much more than minimum wage at her job(s?) back home and felt like these jobs were beneath her. Sigh. Throughout this part of the episode, all I could think was, really? You were chosen out of how many people to experience this awesome opportunity, and you want to leave because you don’t want to work a minimum wage job? I understand not wanting to graduate from college and go work at a frozen yogurt stand, but what did she expect from MTV and the show? An accounting position? An 8 to 5 job? Would you really want that while being on the Real World? I was completely confused by her reaction to the job interviews, and I’d heard rumors she was the roommate to leave, and all I could think was, is she really leaving because of this? I found her decision to be snobby and just…strange. I’d gladly work a minimum wage job for a few months to spend time with new people in a new city and gain new experiences.

The roommates start their jobs and they all seem to like everything so far. Johnny and Avery decide to have sex in the bathroom on their first day, so that was interesting. How they thought for a second they wouldn’t get caught in a tiny pizza parlor with two bathrooms in plain sight when everyone knew they were sleeping together, I don’t know. haha But in the end, their boss was surprisingly cool about it. And Jordan was not surprisingly annoying about it. While I’m fairly private when it comes to my sex life, therefore this shocked me haha, I still like Avery a lot and I like her with Johnny. I hope the relationship blooms throughout the season!


Next week, “Hurricane” Nia joins the house. This girl looks like a big pile of drama that was only brought on for ratings. I’m shocked she didn’t make the first cut and is being brought in as a replacement (which could have been scripted/planned, who knows). I don’t think any viewers have a good first impression of her, and I don’t see myself liking her very much. But who knows? I’ve been surprised in the past!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did Joi make the right decision in leaving? What did you think of Johnny and Avery’s sexcapade in the work bathroom? What are your first impressions of Nia?


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