I’m a little late, but…


Every Sunday night, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were FULL of people being excited for Breaking Bad, happy about Breaking Bad, distraught about Breaking Bad… you get the picture. So I decided that with access to my friend’s Netflix, I might as well dive in. The plot of the show isn’t one that I would normally be interested in, but I have been drawn into the addiction. I think it comes from a lot of angles. Mainly the meth-cooking angle, yes, but for the reasons behind it for Walt as well.

The best part is, the series finale was Sunday, so I actually have hope on catching up! When I start shows on Netflix, I often feel like it’s a never-ending race to catch up to live TV. But now, I can take my sweet time.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Walter White used to be Malcolm’s dad on Malcolm in the Middle. Frankie Muniz’s dad. And now he’s in one of the hottest shows to come around in years. So there’s that.

You’re welcome.


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