The infamous Black Friday weekend.

Yikes. I have honestly never been one for Black Friday shopping. My mom hates shopping in crowds like that (and my dad hates shopping period) so we never went when I was younger, and my sister and I just recently started going to Victoria’s Secret at midnight to get the “free” tote with a minimum purchase. This year it was this big beauty:

Photo from

This year got a litttttle out of hand though. And by a little out of hand, I mean I spent an embarrassing amount of money and picked up some extra time this weekend at the restaurant I work at on weekends sometimes (namely when I spend too much money shopping). We went to the mall a little after midnight (we refused to go at 8 p.m….that’s Thanksgiving dinner time for us) and ended up making trips to Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, Express and Bath & Body Works. I will defend some of my reckless spending: we got my mom Christmas presents from Bath & Body Works and everything at Express was 50 percent off so I got some clothes for my big-girl job…so it’s fine. Right? (Wrong. I also made trips to Target and Walmart today for cheap movies…oops.)

Did you go shopping on Black Friday? What time? What kind of deals did you find? Unfortunately, I’ve found in my few years of experience that the deals really aren’t THAT great. Is that just me? Let me know how your Black Fridays went: spent out shopping or snuggled up in bed at home? I won’t judge; both are plenty of fun. 🙂


Say something, I’m giving up on you.

Let’s just talk about how obsessed I am with this song/performance/Christina Aguilera’s voice in general.

Obviously I loved Miley’s cat-inspired performance as well (I’m a crazy cat lady and I love Miley…what could go wrong?), but this performance at Sunday’s American Music Awards took the cake for me. Besides the fact that this song is beautiful and passionate and AMAZING, I am in awe of how great Christina Aguilera looks. It seems like every time I see her lately, she is way too made up and this simple black dress and simple makeup does her so well. Everything about this performance from the music to the lyrics to the song to her look are so simple but so amazing. I rarely buy single songs on iTunes (I’d rather just wait for the album), but I might have to make an exception on this one so I can play it on repeat for a week. Love it.


The Challenge 25: Rookies vs. Vets?

If you don’t know by now, let me tell you: I am a HUGE Real World/The Challenge junkie. I could read review after review after review after each episode just to get different opinions on the cast and the drama and the politics and all that good stuff We’re not even gonna talk about the “twist” for the next season of Real World because it totally ruins the premise of the show, but let’s just move on to what will OBVIOUSLY be the better season: the 25th season of The Challenge (previously known as Real World/Road Rules Challenge, but there are no longer any Road Rules cast members so…).

Everything I’m about to speculate on is pure rumor that’s been floating around Twitter and the rest of the Internet. I have no idea if the format or teams or cast members have been confirmed, but I’ve seen a few cast lists and other information floating around so I thought, why not? So let’s dive right in.

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Only a few hours remain.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 10.38.57 AM

How am I supposed to get any work done today knowing these Justin Timberlake tickets are just burning a hole in my purse? In honor of the once-in-a-lifetime experience I’m about to have tonight, I made a little Throwback Thursday collage of the beautiful Mr. Timberlake, when we were first introduced to him in his N’Sync days.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 11.35.57 AM

Hopefully, he’ll rock some of those awesome purple shades or a Canadian tuxedo tonight. Hey, if Britney shows up, I’ll definitely shed some tears of joy and remembrance of the old days when Justin and Britney ruled the pop world (they still rule my pop world).

Well, that’s about it for this post. I just wanted to evoke some jealousy by letting everyone know I’ll be seeing JT tonight, as well as some laughter and nostalgia on the great pictures of Justin’s cornrows and denim cowboy hat. If I don’t die of happiness, I’ll let you know how it goes!

What everyone seems to be talking about.

That’s right, I’m jumping on the bandwagon and posting about Miley Cyrus–talking about who seems desperate to be talked about lately. To be honest, I’ve been on that bandwagon for a while. I like Miley Cyrus, and I like her music. It just seems like a sell-out move to make an entire blog post dedicated to her (because I know I have so many loyal readers and this will eventually find its way to Miley, right?).

Moving on. Like I said, I really do like Miley Cyrus. I bought Bangerz the week it was released and bought tickets to her tour just the other day. So although I might be on the bandwagon of talking about Miley, I’m surely not on the bandwagon of hating on her.

It’s funny to look back on when she was criticized for this album cover:

Check out those abs though.

Yes, I own that album. Yes, I love it. Yes, I use it as workout music often. But it’s hilarious to think that everyone thought Miley was so scandalous during her “Can’t Be Tamed” days, when now she seems very tamed back then compared to her “We Can’t Stop” days.

I won’t say I agree with the outrageous things Miley has been criticized for lately. I’m no advocate of drugs; I’ve never touched them and don’t ever plan to. Having said that, I highly respect Miley’s decisions to do whatever the hell she wants and not apologize for it. I read an article on recently that said Miley’s not apologizing because she’s already apologized way too much. At first glance, I thought, what?, as did many other readers who commented on the story. But after I read the story, I remembered all the scandals Miley has had in the past, even during her Hannah Montana days. From “racy” (fully-clothed) pictures to smoking salvia (whatever that is), Miley has been criticized for a lot during her childhood fame. I can guarantee you she’s not the only pop star or 20-something experimenting with drugs, she’s just one of the few who has been flaunting it so incessantly lately. Now that she’s grown up, I think she’s had it with apologizing for things she’s not sorry for. And shouldn’t we support that? Do we really want another half-assed celebrity apology so obviously written by a publicist? To be honest, nobody would buy it anyway, so what’s point?

Watching her in interviews, Miley is honestly pretty well-spoken and comes off as an intelligent young woman. After watching her documentary on MTV, I realized she actually knows exactly what she’s doing. Her end goal is to get people talking about her and in the end, buy her record. And it’s worked. After the infamous VMA performance, “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball” were the top two songs on iTunes. Despite all the criticism, I’d call that success. She knows she looked ridiculous during that performance, but she also knew it’d get people talking, which it did (for weeks and weeks on end). In the end, I think she’s a smart girl and I think that’s something to respect. Whether you agree with her decisions or not, we should agree that being 100 percent who you are and doing what you want to do instead of what your boss wants to do is something that should be seen far more often than it is, in the entertainment industry or otherwise. As a young woman around Miley’s age, I wouldn’t dream of doing the things she’s been doing lately, but more power to her for doing what she wants and not backing down.

What are your thoughts on America’s biggest pop star right now? Love her or hate her? Have you listened to her new music? Let me know your thoughts!

I had to wrap it up with a gorgeous picture, of course.

Rough week.

Yikes. It’s been a rough week. Somehow it’s already Thursday and it seems like it’s actually gone by somewhat quickly. And although it was been rough, it has gotten much better. Not necessarily all good, but it’s getting there. It’s funny how silly we might feel getting upset about pets. I feel like some might consider them “just” animals, but they really are a part of our family. I adopted my kitty Felix in February when he was about three months old, so he’s roughly a year old now. I miss when he was this tiny:


Isn’t he precious?

That was actually the first morning we had him. Too cute, right? He got a little more bratty and a lot less cuddly, but I love him tons just the same. He was always super curious about going outside, and both my parents’ cats that I lived with went out all the time and were fine. I started out going outside with him and finally started letting him out alone; he came back in when I’d call him and it was all good. This past Sunday night he didn’t come in, and I figured he just didn’t want to come in yet so we went ahead and went to bed, hoping we’d hear him if he came home overnight. Around 2:30 a.m., I heard scratching on the door. My boyfriend let Felix in, and back to sleep we went.

The next morning, after much confusion and searching (I honestly wondered if I’d dreamed us letting him in because he’s not usually the hiding type), we finally found him hiding in our closet and he FREAKED when my boyfriend tried to pick him up. Now these two don’t get along too well anyway (my boyfriend likes to mess with him haha), but he reacted much meaner than he usually does and jetted out of the closet. That’s when we saw the HUGE gash in his tail, right at the base where it met his back/hips. You could see his tail bone. (It was gross.) I took him to the vet on the way to work, thinking they’d clean it well, bandage it up and we’d be good to go. I was in for a scary day and week ahead.

The vet called me and told me his tail was also broken in the center, and that the wound at the base of his tail was so bad that it would be a long and uncomfortable healing process, so they suggested we amputate the tail. I love animals; I know cats can live completely healthy lives without tails; I wasn’t too upset. Then she told me the big issue was they didn’t know if he had any nerve damage near his bladder. If he did, he wouldn’t be able to use the bathroom on his own and at that point in the conversation I pretty much burst into tears in my office. I never would have thought when I let him outside at 5:30 the night before that he would be seriously injured in just a matter of hours.

A few visits and a hefty vet bill later, Felix did end up using the bathroom on his own and I got to bring him home last night! I must tell you the saddest thing ever is to see your pet on pain medication, anesthesia, whatever. He was NOT my kitty when I went to see him right after his surgery. But the second day, he actually looked happy to see me and was acting somewhat normal. And here he is… still (somewhat) normal:

photo 2

A shaved cat butt isn’t too attractive, is it?

His booty isn’t too attractive right now, but I think he’s happy to be home. And I don’t have to worry about him as much. He’s definitely still healing and not 100 percent comfortable yet, but he is home! And healing! Yay! He’s a trooper. The surgeon told us based on the wounds, he thinks it might have been a car. The vet said it looked like he got his tail caught in something. Wish we could ask him, right? Either way, my sweet baby dragged his butt home with a broken tail in the middle of the night. He’s a fighter so of course I had to fight for him too!

Have you ever had a pet get seriously hurt? How did you handle it? Hopefully better than I did. I was a wreck Monday and Tuesday and literally almost cried when the vet told me Wednesday I could take him home.

Oh, and in case this hasn’t been covered, I’m a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. If I didn’t live with my boyfriend, I’m fairly certain I’d have at least three cats. hehehe

I’m a little late, but…


Every Sunday night, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were FULL of people being excited for Breaking Bad, happy about Breaking Bad, distraught about Breaking Bad… you get the picture. So I decided that with access to my friend’s Netflix, I might as well dive in. The plot of the show isn’t one that I would normally be interested in, but I have been drawn into the addiction. I think it comes from a lot of angles. Mainly the meth-cooking angle, yes, but for the reasons behind it for Walt as well.

The best part is, the series finale was Sunday, so I actually have hope on catching up! When I start shows on Netflix, I often feel like it’s a never-ending race to catch up to live TV. But now, I can take my sweet time.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Walter White used to be Malcolm’s dad on Malcolm in the Middle. Frankie Muniz’s dad. And now he’s in one of the hottest shows to come around in years. So there’s that.

You’re welcome.

Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.

Forgive the “Legally Blonde” quote. But since hearing about the new Netflix series, “Orange is the New Black,” that quote always pops into my head. I’ve only watched the movie about 100 times, so I can quote nearly the entire thing.

Moving on.



It’s summertime, so I can catch up on TV shows  I like, or just watch entire seasons of shows I’m interested in on Netflix and Hulu Plus. So far I’ve watched both seasons of Revenge (I highly recommend it by the way) and am almost through the first season of Orange is the New Black after hearing about it from friends and online. You definitely have to have an open mind when watching this show, but it’s a great show. While there are main storylines, every episode there are flashbacks and you gradually learn how each of the characters got into prison. The main character, Piper, is a regular woman from the suburbs who is in prison for being caught up in a drug ring in her early 20s with her ex-lesbian partner, who happens to be in the same prison with her. I can’t give much more of the story away, but I have to say I’m on episode 10 of 13 and I’m sad I’m almost done. When will the second season be available? Ha.

My favorite part of the show is in my opinion, it really centers around the fact that all kinds of people make bad decisions and get caught. Those in prison are more than just felons. We all make bad decisions and we all make mistakes, some just worse than others and some are unlucky in getting caught. Piper isn’t someone you (or she) would expect to go to prison, yet she does get to know the women in her same situation and realize she might have more in common with them than she originally thought.

Netflix is cheap. And worth it. And even its original series have proven to be pretty legit. Has anyone else watched the show? What do you think of it?

My apologies.

Yikes. I haven’t written in way too long. I’m still on the job hunt and will try my best to keep up with this! Writing is what got me originally interested in journalism and communications, and it’s something I want to keep doing personally if not professionally.

Since my last entry, I’ve completed my internship at Schnake Turnbo Frank and have since started looking for a full-time job in Oklahoma City. I greatly enjoyed my time at Schnake and met some great people who I know will help me with my future in whatever way they can. It was a rewarding experience and I learned a lot. I can’t wait to use what I learned in a full-time job…now I just need to find one! Ha. I’m definitely living in the post-college job search struggle, spending my time waiting tables and scouring my hometown for job openings. But enough pity talk. I’ll write more this week on something more interesting and optimistic! Ha, stay tuned! 🙂