A fun-filled Oklahoma weekend

I got to spend some time at home this weekend, and it was fabulous. My mom bought Disney on Ice tickets (yes, you read that right…we’re big kids) for my sister and me a while back and I completely forgot until about two weeks ago when my sister told me to make sure I had requested off at work. Even though we were probably the oldest ones there without young children, it was still a lot of fun. The show this year was Toy Story 3, and once again, we are big kids, and we love Toy Story. But really, who doesn’t? The show was cute and fun and a couple hours well spent in my eyes.

After the show, we got to experience the rest of the infamous (locally, anyway) Oklahoma State Fair.

Credit to okstatefair.com.

A lot of people think the fair is gross, trashy, etc., and I’m not going to deny any of that. But those who say that can’t go to the fair and deny that it’s a great time. It’s a prime place for people-watching and is also filled with fun rides and greasy, fattening, amazing food. Now I can eat quite a bit, especially for my size. And I’ve never been one to get nauseous on rides…but this year got me. After an especially twisty, turny, upside-down, swirly ride, we were all pretty much done for the day. Luckily, I got my fix of fair food: a jumbo corn dog, a taco salad, cheese fries, lemonade, root beer and cheesecake on a stick. I would have eaten more if I could possibly have fit it into my stomach.

Despite my love for the fair, two food features I saw this weekend were a bit too much for me. First was a roast beef sundae…although the picture appeared to have ice cream in it, I pray it was cheese, sour cream, horseradish…ANYTHING but ice cream with roast beef. The other item that astonished me was a donut burger…a hamburger with a donut instead of a bun.  Of all the crazy concoctions the fair comes up with every year, this just confuses me because it doesn’t sound appetizing in the slightest…I’ve had my fair share of fried Twinkies and fried Oreos, but the donut burger was too far even for me!

All in all, I had a great time. I always wonder if everyone’s state fair is like ours…what are your local fairs like? Greasy food, fried everything, jerky rides and…interesting people, to say the least? Let me know what you love and hate (if possible) about the fair!