Real World Portland: I Wanted Romance, Not No Pants

Yikes! I’m a little late on this/last week’s Real World recap, but I’m here!

This episode picks up where the last one left off: in a very uncomfortable position for everyone. In the end, Nia chickened out of giving Jordan a BJ in front of all the roommates, but she seemed satisfied with herself and that she proved her point. What that point was, I’m not entirely sure… anyone? It seemed like she wanted to prove that Jordan talked big to make up for smaller things (credit to Ms. Christina Aguilera for that line) and told the girls that she was correct, but she also seemed to think Jordan would back down and he pretty much called her bluff until the end. All in all, a weird situation. Moving on…

Jordan decides to plan a snowboarding trip for the roommates. They’re told a limo would be picking them up, therefore all the girls excluding Avery seem to think it’s appropriate to wear dresses and do their hair… I was so confused. I’ve gone on one ski trip (we won’t even talk about it…) and I don’t know that I wore makeup the entire weekend! haha They all looked like they were going clubbing or something. So strange…

Avery also finds an email in Johnny’s inbox from a girl who is calling him babe and signing her emails “xoxo.” She decides to keep this information to herself bottle it up until she will eventually explode. This causes lots of tension between the two during the snowboarding trip, and the email turns out to be from a close friend who just talks affectionately to Johnny. I think these two seem genuinely interested in each other, but they are already becoming very dysfunctional, so I don’t know if this will last more than a few more episodes. Avery also reveals that in the past she has worked as a stripper and stripped to pay for her prom dress. I hope we get more on this and her past in general, because she’s probably my favorite roommate at this point and I want to know more!

Jessica seemed to be interested in one of the snowboarding instructors, but she really seems to like Tyler back in Portland. Tyler seems…nice. Kind of boring, but nice. I think that was a biatch move to make him sleep on the couch because of her “no boy in the bed” policy. Um…alright, Jessica. If he was willing to sleep on the couch, I’m sure he was willing to sleep in her bed without trying anything. She finally broke this policy at the end of the episode and had some good cuddle time with Tyler!

What did everyone else think of this week’s episode? What do you think Nia’s intentions with Jordan were? Do you think Johnny and Avery will last? What do you think of Jessica breaking her “no boy in the bed” policy for Tyler?