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I’m not sure if anyone even reads my silly posts, but if you do – vote for my cat in a photo contest I entered him in. The Cat Video Festival is coming to downtown Oklahoma City this month, so they’re holding a cat photo contest in honor. And, in true cat lady fashion, I had to enter my Felix!

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Yikes. I’m slacking. If I say that every time, does that mean I’m just a slacker? Because I promise I’m not in real life…

Anyhoo, I have read a couple books recently that I’ll post about (loved them both…I know the suspense is killing you), but this post is dedicated to my wonderful Oklahoma City Thunder (yes, the team is mine).

Photo from

That picture is not only a great photo, but also a pretty good representation of what Thunder fans were going through…oh, these entire first two series of NBA playoffs. I know I lost some confidence when our first round with the Memphis Grizzlies went seven games, but I thought we were sure to come in and kick some Clipper butt. I was wrong… Chris Paul broke his personal record for three-pointers and they beat us by 17 points. All in all, the series was a bit crazy. In Games 4 and 5, each team lost huge leads in the last few minutes of the game. I was at Game 5 in Oklahoma City when we miraculously came out with a win after being down 13 with four minutes to go, and down 7 with 49 seconds to go (and playing like crap the whole time, mind you).

At the end of the game, Russell Westbrook was fouled on a three-point shot. Those free throws put us ahead and won us the game. The picture above shows Kevin Durant with his back to Westbrook…he couldn’t bear to watch. I was also at the game in 2012 when we won the Western Conference title against the San Antonio Spurs, and that was the loudest I’d ever heard the arena…I have to say Tuesday evening was a close second. When Westbrook made those free throws, the crowd erupted. When Serge Ibaka held onto that ball from Chris Paul, the crowd EXPLODED. The entire crowd (those who hadn’t left anyway) remained for a good five minutes cheering and jumping and screaming and crying tears of joy on the inside.

I saw this story on Twitter yesterday and it talks about how Durant wasn’t the only one who missed those free throws… people in the stands and people at home had given up.

And to be honest, I don’t blame them. At that 49-second mark, I texted my boyfriend and said, “Well I think we’re done.” I am a Thunder believer, and we never leave games early. My dad wouldn’t stand for it. But we were playing terribly prior to this last minute, the Clippers were on fire and we were in a three-possession game. But that feeling with 49 seconds to go only made the feeling when the clock hit zero even better.

Too “chunky” to be a cheerleader?

You probably didn’t read that title thinking it was a headline for CBS Houston Radio today. Oh, but it was. For those living under a rock (or in a city without an NBA team), NBA playoffs are going on right now and I’m proud to say my home team, the Thunder, kicked some Rockets ass on Sunday night. Rather than attack players, coaches or the team’s playing style as any respectable sports writer would do, someone at CBS Houston raised the question we were all dying to know the answer to: Is this girl too chunky to be an NBA cheerleader?


Photo courtesy of

I tweeted a link to the story when I saw it this morning:

It has since been taken down from CBS’ website (as it should have been). All I can find now is a summary on Busted Coverage. Apparently, the story was originally published without a byline, but when I saw the story, there was a byline for someone named Claire, who I would assume is a woman. The fact that this story got by editors and published at all is ridiculous, but the fact that a woman would write this story blows my mind. Besides the fact that this girl is in no way “chunky,” the subject matter is just completely inappropriate. I hate when girls are mean to each other (despite the fact that I LOVE “Mean Girls”…who doesn’t?) and I hate when girls say they just “don’t get along with other girls.” I’m going to steal a line from my girl Chelsea Handler and say if you’re one of those girls, you’re probably a bitch (believe it or not, I cleaned up the language a bit!). We girls have enough bad things said about us on a daily basis, so how about we stick together and stand up for each other? People wonder why girls have such low self-esteem at such a young age. When you’re questioning if a 130-pound (just a guess, in no way is that accurate) athletic girl is overweight, where do you think it comes from?

The fact that this isn’t news either is a whole different story. But what do you guys think? Is this style of journalism and reporting something that needs to change? What do we need to do to give young girls better self-esteem today?


I’m gonna be a fan for a second now. Houston, if you had to attack our cheerleaders to attack us as a city or team, obviously you can’t face the fact that we played a hell of a lot better than you Sunday night! Hope to kick your butts again tonight. 🙂 THUNDER UP!

Praying for Boston.

Just wanted to take a quick minute to express thoughts and prayers for anyone involved with the explosions in Boston. It’s been a sad week in America, and the death of a local police officer in Oklahoma City had already put a damper on our Monday. Chad Peery was paralyzed in 2011 after he tried to break up a bar fight and was brutally beaten. He has been honored in the community and at Oklahoma City Thunder games and was an inspiration to many. I attended a Thunder game where he was honored, and I didn’t know much of his story but I was truly touched. To maintain such a positive attitude through such a horrific tragedy is so inspirational and I know Peery will be remembered greatly by the Oklahoma City community.

Oklahoma City police officer Chad Peery  reacts after receiving an award during an NBA basketball game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors at Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013. Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman

Photo courtesy of

Later that day, we all heard of the explosions at the Boston Marathon. I feel like it’s always a state of confusion immediately when these kind of things happen. I saw a picture on Twitter, but “explosion” was used, not “bombing,” so I thought (and hoped) perhaps at first it could have been an accident, although my gut told me otherwise. When things like this happen in our county, I (as I’m sure many others) just wonder why. I can’t fathom what would give someone the thought to hurt so many innocent people, but I think it’s best that way. Events such as this, as well as 9/11, the OKC bombing and the Sandy Hook tragedy just to name a few, aren’t meant to be understood in my opinion. I’m thankful that I can’t wrap my mind around something like this, and my deepest thoughts and prayers are with victims, families and residents of Boston. I know from experience the effect this type of thing can have on a community, and I wish the best for everyone involved. I’m sure many have seen the quote from Mr. Rogers, and I think it’s important in times like this. Despite the evil in our world, the good still outweighs it.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things on the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.”

A case of the Mondays.

I’m pretty sure nobody likes Mondays, and they suck by default, but today had already gotten the best of me by 8:30 a.m. Gotta love those days, right?

First, some background information for you: Whoever is in charge of construction in Oklahoma City kind of sucks. Someone thought it would be a good idea to close a major highway today down to one lane at 7:30 a.m., therefore causing my (and many others’ I’m sure) 15- to 20-mile commute to work take about an hour. I’m a fairly patient person, but when it comes to traffic and driving, my patience goes out the window (no pun intended). Most of the time, I can’t stand any drivers around me and bumper-to-bumper traffic makes me want to rip my hair out. Obviously, I could never live in a big city because these are my feelings toward Oklahoma City traffic. I’m a big baby, I know.

I finally get to work 30 minutes late only to realize I’ve misplaced my cell phone somewhere between texting my boyfriend when I parked and unloading my stuff out of my car. It’s somewhere in my car, but who knows where? Not me. At first I was worried and already counting the hours until lunch time when I could go raid my car, but it’s honestly been kind of refreshing. I’m less distracted and it’s a weight off my shoulders for a few hours.

So here’s to hoping everyone’s Monday has started out better than mine did. I’m just going to be happy with the fact that I have a super cute dress on today and that’s all that matters. Haha, happy Monday!

Maybe next year, I’ll start acting my age…

That line’s appropriate for two reasons: my birthday was yesterday, and I’m seeing the man who wrote it into one of his songs tonight in Oklahoma City. I’ll be celebrating my birthday with a little-known, country-ish singer by the name of Corey Smith. If you don’t know him, you should give him a listen. His acoustic country sound and his relatable lines are what I and many others love about him. The first time I heard anything from him was two years ago at the annual concert Calf Fry at the Tumbleweed here in Stillwater. I listened to some of his music in the car on the way to the concert, and from his sound and lyrics I did not expect to see a middle-aged man with a shaved head and sunglasses, but that’s what I got, and I loved it.

Since then, he’s been in Tulsa at Cain’s Ballroom, which I was too broke to go to at the time, and I saw an ad in our school newspaper last week that he’d be at the Tumbleweed again on Nov. 10. My first thought was, “Yes! I get to see him again!” But you see, Nov. 10, last night, was my 21st birthday. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Stillwater and the Tumbleweed, it’s a country dance club that attracts an interesting crowd. I went once when I moved to Stillwater and have gone to two concerts there since. To be honest, the Tumbleweed was the last place I wanted to celebrate my 21st birthday. Luckily, I got online and saw he was playing in Oklahoma City tonight, where I’m from and planned on going for the rest of the weekend anyway. I got a lucky birthday surprise!

I can’t wait for the concert tonight; another exciting thing is it will be my first 21 and up show. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I’ll be taking part in any 21 and up activities; I think I had enough last night to last me a while.

I definitely encourage everyone to take a listen to Corey Smith; you won’t regret it! 🙂

Halloween is just around the corner…

Okay, maybe I’m jumping the gun a little bit. We still have a little more than a week to go, but hey, I’m excited! I love dressing up, I love being scared and I love candy. So what reason is there for me not to be looking forward to Halloween next weekend?

My roommate Kaitlin and I went to downtown Oklahoma City Wednesday night for the Bricktown Haunted Warehouse. Every year I tell myself, my friends, my family and my boyfriend that I want to go to a haunted house, haunted field or some kind of scary Halloween event. Last year my boyfriend and I went to a small warehouse, but the one in Bricktown this year was a lot better! I don’t know why Kaitlin and I made the decision to go just the two of us, as we are two jumpy, easily-frightened college girls. Luckily, we caught up to the group in front of us so we weren’t going through this house alone.

All in all, the haunted warehouse was a lot of fun! Because we want on a Wednesday, the line wasn’t too bad and downtown wasn’t crowded at all (which can be rare for OKC at nights). Some friends made fun of us for driving all the way to Oklahoma City (about an hour drive) just to go in a haunted warehouse for about 20 minutes, but I thought it was worth it! Props to Kaitlin for finding a coupon on Groupon so we both got in for the price of one!

What are your favorite things to do for Halloween? Trick-or-treat, party, dress up, go to a haunted house? I love all of the above, but I want to know what you guys are planning this year!

The one and only…

Now that I’m back in Stillwater and have some time not devoted to school, work or sleep, I have time to share about my wonderful experience last weekend in Oklahoma City.

My roommate Kaitlin, KATHY GRIFFIN and myself

For those of you who don’t know, that would be the hilarious comedian Miss Kathy Griffin.  We went to see her last Friday night in Oklahoma City, and she was wonderful and hilarious, as expected.  What we didn’t expect was to be taking a picture like the one above with Kathy herself.

We went with my mom and some of her friends, one of whom somehow had connections to get meet and greet passes.  We met them at the venue and he walks up to us and says, “Do you girls want to go meet her real quick?”  Somehow we managed to say yes through our shock and excitement.  We go into the meet and greet room and are by far the youngest people in there, but who cares?  We’re about to meet Kathy Griffin!  (Random side note, Kayne Gillaspie of Norman, OK and the third season of Project Runway was also in the meet and greet room.  I’m a Project Runway nerd and loved that there was an Oklahoman designer, so I was excited to see him too!)

Kathy was super nice and friendly; she gave us hugs, said hi and told us she hoped we’d laugh a lot that night.  It was short, but very sweet.  I find this woman absolutely hilarious and I love that she doesn’t care what people think.  She’ll say anything, and it’s awesome.  I’m so glad I got the chance to see her live, and obviously ecstatic I got to meet her!  I would say she’s my second favorite comedian next to Chelsea Handler… if and when I meet Chelsea, I might not be able to speak clearly. Ha!

Speaking of Chelsea…my two favorite ladies on one show? Perfect!

But back to Kathy! One of my favorite parts of her show was probably when she talked about all our crazy food here in Oklahoma.  And it is crazy.  Fried pickles, fried green beans, fried pies, fried anything you can think of really.  She also mentioned our obsession for pizza with ranch dressing… those of you not from Oklahoma probably think all of this sounds disgusting.  But I promise it’s so, so good…and making me a little hungry!