The infamous Black Friday weekend.

Yikes. I have honestly never been one for Black Friday shopping. My mom hates shopping in crowds like that (and my dad hates shopping period) so we never went when I was younger, and my sister and I just recently started going to Victoria’s Secret at midnight to get the “free” tote with a minimum purchase. This year it was this big beauty:

Photo from

This year got a litttttle out of hand though. And by a little out of hand, I mean I spent an embarrassing amount of money and picked up some extra time this weekend at the restaurant I work at on weekends sometimes (namely when I spend too much money shopping). We went to the mall a little after midnight (we refused to go at 8 p.m….that’s Thanksgiving dinner time for us) and ended up making trips to Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, Express and Bath & Body Works. I will defend some of my reckless spending: we got my mom Christmas presents from Bath & Body Works and everything at Express was 50 percent off so I got some clothes for my big-girl job…so it’s fine. Right? (Wrong. I also made trips to Target and Walmart today for cheap movies…oops.)

Did you go shopping on Black Friday? What time? What kind of deals did you find? Unfortunately, I’ve found in my few years of experience that the deals really aren’t THAT great. Is that just me? Let me know how your Black Fridays went: spent out shopping or snuggled up in bed at home? I won’t judge; both are plenty of fun. 🙂


I got Carried away…

First of all, let’s see my inspiration for the beauty you all are about to witness.

The one and only, Carrie Bradshaw.

See the beautiful shoes?  I was determined to find some like them; unfortunately, I don’t have the $600 to spend on Louboutins that Carrie Bradshaw has.  So after some digging, I found some similar heels for a wonderful $30 on clearance at Victoria’s Secret.  My boyfriend thinks they’re tacky and impractical; I think they’re fun, cute and can add some sparkle to any outfit.