Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.

Forgive the “Legally Blonde” quote. But since hearing about the new Netflix series, “Orange is the New Black,” that quote always pops into my head. I’ve only watched the movie about 100 times, so I can quote nearly the entire thing.

Moving on.



It’s summertime, so I can catch up on TV shows  I like, or just watch entire seasons of shows I’m interested in on Netflix and Hulu Plus. So far I’ve watched both seasons of Revenge (I highly recommend it by the way) and am almost through the first season of Orange is the New Black after hearing about it from friends and online. You definitely have to have an open mind when watching this show, but it’s a great show. While there are main storylines, every episode there are flashbacks and you gradually learn how each of the characters got into prison. The main character, Piper, is a regular woman from the suburbs who is in prison for being caught up in a drug ring in her early 20s with her ex-lesbian partner, who happens to be in the same prison with her. I can’t give much more of the story away, but I have to say I’m on episode 10 of 13 and I’m sad I’m almost done. When will the second season be available? Ha.

My favorite part of the show is in my opinion, it really centers around the fact that all kinds of people make bad decisions and get caught. Those in prison are more than just felons. We all make bad decisions and we all make mistakes, some just worse than others and some are unlucky in getting caught. Piper isn’t someone you (or she) would expect to go to prison, yet she does get to know the women in her same situation and realize she might have more in common with them than she originally thought.

Netflix is cheap. And worth it. And even its original series have proven to be pretty legit. Has anyone else watched the show? What do you think of it?


I’m walking on sunshine.


Pretty day today. I enjoyed my drive home from work with the windows down. Unfortunately, it’s not as nice outside as it looks, but it’s much better than the 30 degrees it was a few days ago! Not kidding.

So ready for spring…but really ready for summer!

Back to the grind.

When my blog assignments for my electronic communications class ended last semester, I told myself I wanted to continue with this blog. Obviously I haven’t done a very good job, have I? Fortunately, my persuasive writing class will be assigning some blog posts in the next week or so, so I’ll be back to it.

I hope everyone had a great summer; I know I did. I took a couple of summer classes and worked a lot to save up some money (boring, right?), but my hard work paid off because I got to spend about a week and a half in Breckenridge, Colo., with my family and five days in Jamaica with my boyfriend. Both trips were amazing. We go to Colorado every summer so I’m used to that, but Jamaica was a new beachy, sunny, all-inclusive experience. We’ve already talked about booking a trip for next summer, and I can’t wait!

This is an actual picture we took. Amazing.

The best part of our trip by far.

It’s too bad my time in Jamaica feels so long ago. I’ve been back in Stillwater for three weeks now, but school is already in full session. I think this is my first semester I can honestly say I’m genuinely enjoying all my classes. I’m all done with my basics and finally in classes much more related to what I want to do (which I’m not exactly sure of yet). I’ve got graphic design, persuasive writing, promotions, media law and the random-but-interesting subject of criminology on my plate. So far all my professors seem great and educated in what they’re teaching, which is always a plus. 😉 I have my first exam on Thursday…it creeped up so quickly on me.

I’ll stop rambling now. But hopefully I’ll be a little more consistent in writing in this thing from now on. I’m not exactly sure what interesting things I’ll have to say, but hopefully I’ll think of something. 🙂

Vacation, all I ever wanted.

Here we are.  The last five weeks of the semester.  To me, it doesn’t sound too bad.  It’s only five weeks, only 25 days of class, only shortly over a month.  But I feel like because I have that mindset, it’s going to go by slower than ever.

But hopefully time will fly and summer will be here before we know it!  I’m very much looking forward to this summer.  I’m hoping I can gain some kind of PR experience with either a paid internship somewhere in Oklahoma City or helping my mom out with some press releases.  I’m also hoping to see Chelsea Handler with my best friend in June and Britney Spears with my sister in July.  If I can get the money together, those are two shows I don’t want to miss!  And go ahead, make fun of my Britney love all you want.  I get enough of it from my boyfriend! (blog plug!) (P.S. Femme Fatale is awesome!)

Now for the good part.  My family and I go to Breckenridge, Colo. every summer.  When my sister and I were younger, we complained every single year that my parents never took us anywhere for vacation besides Colorado (besides Dallas, but Oklahomans know that doesn’t count as vacation).  My dad graduated from the University of Colorado and my parents lived in Boulder for a few years, so they love Colorado.  And now that I’m older, I don’t blame them.  Anyone who’s been there knows it’s beautiful, and it’s very nice to get away from Oklahoma’s 100 degree heat during the summer.  We do all sorts of things, though: white water rafting, Alpine slides, Jeep rides and of course shopping and eating out. 🙂

My sister and I on a Jeep ride

And now for the REALLY good part.  As I said, Colorado is pretty much my only vacation…I’m not complaining, but it’s true.  I’ve literally been there every summer since I was born.  So when my wonderful boyfriend seriously mentioned going on a vacation this summer, I was all for it.  Behold the beautiful Maya Beach in Mexico that I will be residing in come August!

Barcelo resort in Maya Beach

That looks like an amazing ending to what will hopefully be an amazing summer! 🙂