We are all practicing.

I’m pretty into working out and trying to stay fit (mostly so I can feel less guilty when I stuff my face with unhealthy foods later), and in the past year or so I’ve gotten really into hot yoga. It can be relaxing yet you still sweat…a lot. I always love how I feel afterward and it makes my body feel so strong. When you do downward dog, just look at all those leg muscles. It’s a good ego boost.

Image from the-yoga-connection.com

I recently bought a Groupon for a month’s membership at a yoga studio called Hidden Dragon in downtown Oklahoma City. It’s fairly close to where I work, so my goal is to go to a couple evening classes a week. This past Tuesday night, I was in a class and the instructor said something that has really stuck with me. We were doing all some difficult poses that I know I was no expert at, but I’m always down to try and see how far my body can go. As with anything else, failure can get tiring and frustrating, and the instructor saw that in many of the people in the class. She stopped us and asked, “OK, how many of you can do a bind and hold it for five seconds?” (not being too specific here because let’s be honest, I can’t remember the names of all these crazy poses) and to my surprise, no one raised their hand. There were people in the class who were obviously good friends with the owner and had been practicing yoga for a long time. Then she said, “No one. And that’s OK. We are allĀ practicing.”

I thought this was really important. It happens in a lot of fitness classes and boot camps that I’ve attended and even at the gym sometimes – if you can’t do what the instructor tells you to, you get a little (or a lot) down on yourself. But she made us realize that no one is perfect and no one can do everything exactly right in classes like this, or in anything. We are all practicing – at everything we do, really. Don’t get down on yourself because it’s not perfect. Just keep practicing.