It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

No, not Christmas time. But it’s pretty close! This week marks the glorious Homecoming week at Oklahoma State University, known for America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration.

The fountain's must be homecoming!

Anyone who doesn’t go to OSU should be insanely jealous of our awesome orange fountain (only orange for homecoming week of course…it’s pretty and blue the rest of the year). The orange fountain is just one of OSU’s many homecoming traditions, from the football game to the parade to the Greek houses’ floats to the signs you see in that picture on Library Lawn.

My favorite part of homecoming week is the Walkaround that takes place Friday night. Everyone walks around to see all the Greek houses’ floats that they’ve made. And when I say floats, you wouldn’t understand until you see them. They are no ordinary homecoming parade floats. I’m not in a Greek house so I’m not positive on the details, but as far as I know, they start working on these floats as early as the beginning of the semester, and the week of homecoming is a long one of long nights and hard work. I love looking at the floats; it’s probably my favorite part of homecoming, so in my opinion, the students’ hard work pays off…for everyone else, at least.

The atmosphere of homecoming week is unlike any other. Everyone is in a great mood and Stillwater and the OSU campus are overflowing with students, parents, alumni and whoever else wants to join in on the country’s greatest homecoming celebration. Given it’s also Halloween weekend, I can’t say for sure I’ll be up and ready for the 9 a.m. parade (my friends and I were all hoping for a night game), but I’ll try my hardest and either way, I know it’s going to be a great weekend!


Back to the grind.

When my blog assignments for my electronic communications class ended last semester, I told myself I wanted to continue with this blog. Obviously I haven’t done a very good job, have I? Fortunately, my persuasive writing class will be assigning some blog posts in the next week or so, so I’ll be back to it.

I hope everyone had a great summer; I know I did. I took a couple of summer classes and worked a lot to save up some money (boring, right?), but my hard work paid off because I got to spend about a week and a half in Breckenridge, Colo., with my family and five days in Jamaica with my boyfriend. Both trips were amazing. We go to Colorado every summer so I’m used to that, but Jamaica was a new beachy, sunny, all-inclusive experience. We’ve already talked about booking a trip for next summer, and I can’t wait!

This is an actual picture we took. Amazing.

The best part of our trip by far.

It’s too bad my time in Jamaica feels so long ago. I’ve been back in Stillwater for three weeks now, but school is already in full session. I think this is my first semester I can honestly say I’m genuinely enjoying all my classes. I’m all done with my basics and finally in classes much more related to what I want to do (which I’m not exactly sure of yet). I’ve got graphic design, persuasive writing, promotions, media law and the random-but-interesting subject of criminology on my plate. So far all my professors seem great and educated in what they’re teaching, which is always a plus. 😉 I have my first exam on Thursday…it creeped up so quickly on me.

I’ll stop rambling now. But hopefully I’ll be a little more consistent in writing in this thing from now on. I’m not exactly sure what interesting things I’ll have to say, but hopefully I’ll think of something. 🙂