I’m walking on sunshine.


Pretty day today. I enjoyed my drive home from work with the windows down. Unfortunately, it’s not as nice outside as it looks, but it’s much better than the 30 degrees it was a few days ago! Not kidding.

So ready for spring…but really ready for summer!


Snow days

It’s been quite a week for students in Oklahoma.  My days have started to run together, but it will all be over tomorrow when we have to go back to class.  Although I’d love another day off, I’m getting pretty bored cooped up in my dorm with only Lean Cuisines, pasta and Which Wich to eat.  It’s getting a little ridiculous.

Edmon Low Library

That was from our mini-storm a couple weeks ago, when it seemed every single school in the state of Oklahoma was out of school except for us.  I trudged to class in the cold, but I’m glad we were repaid with three glorious snow days this week.  It was a little worse this time…

The parking lot of my dorm

It’s not quite this bad anymore, but I’m still a little worried about the possibility of having to work tonight.  I’m also supposed to make an hour drive home tomorrow for my grandma’s birthday.  We’ll see how that goes.

Unfortunately for us lazy college kids, it’s back to class tomorrow morning…for those of us who decide to go, anyway.  Living on campus, transportation to class isn’t a problem for me.  Yes, my nose might freeze off on the way to class, but it seems to me that commuters, even those who live near campus, are going to have cars stranded in parking lots and driveways unable to move.

We’ll see who shows up to class tomorrow!